-insert apologies about writing so much HunHan-

Sehun didn’t want to read the flyer. He really didn’t.

But to be honest, it was hard to not read it, seeing as the paper taped to his front door was the most vibrant pink he had ever seen. And it didn’t help that the bold, black lettering…


They met at Sehun’s first shoot.

He was taller than Luhan (well, he’s still taller than Luhan) and was barely old enough to buy his own cigarettes. He had a face made for a magazine, a lean, precisely cut body, and a voice that made Luhan’s skin tingle, though Luhan would never voice that…

I honestly think the EXO fandom has some of the best fic writers.


I mean:


Absolute Boyfriend(Which was probably put on private because of plagiarism)

Sugar, we’re going down swinging

You are unreal

Only Son

Our way Home

Anterograde Tomorrow

And I’m sure there are TONS more of writers out there that do and are still going to write great stories.

I just wish I could write as well as them ; 3; or at least have a proper plot to follow cuz all my fics are so….plotless, shameless and short and dumb omg.

Am i the only one who can’t manage to push myself to read an EXO x OC fic again after reading all those yaoi goodness….

I am so fucking hopeless

You guys don’t understand