Uri precious Hyun Seung Oppa, saeng-il chukahaeyo!!! ^^

Happy birthday oppa! Wish you happy and healthy always! <3<3<3


I don’t know since when your precious smile, your cute little 4D antics, your sense of humour and your passion for singing and dancing have captured my heart. But now I’ve realized you’ve captured my heart, I’ll just fall for you again and again. xP


You have no idea how worried I was when you started to lose that bright smile of yours. It was quite some time that the cheerful Jang Hyun Seung was gone but I am so thankful when I saw you smiled during the “Shadow” promotion activities. You are so much happier. You’ve smiled so much and you seemed sincerely happy. And my heart melted at the sight of your smile.


 Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Keep being the 4D prince that you’ve always been. I wouldn’t want Jang Hyun Seung in any way. I love you this way and I will always love you this way.


Saranghaeyo~ <3<3<3 

“I love you. You are special.”


B2UTY Miko

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